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Services related to transfer of players to clubs and players

Intermediary and representation services related to the transfer of players

The regulatory framework of the transfer of players may vary from sport to sport, but also from country to country, which requires a deep knowledge of the applicable regulations.

Every transfer of a player is accompanied by a contract between the player and the club. Solid contracts, that clearly define the rights and obligations of the parties, are deemed to be executed, renewed and eventually terminated without duress or litigation. There are, however, different transfer rules for each sport, and isportlaw represents clients in transfer-related legal

FIFA’s regulations (Clearing House, the football agent regulations, RSTP, protected period of contract, football training compensation, transfer of minor, CPP club protection program, appeals before DRC), FIBA’s regulations (LOC, full or non-guaranteed contract, foreign player license, transfer of young players, appeals before BAT), CEV and LEN transfer rules are some examples that show how articulated are the applicable regulation and to which extent the lawyers of the Firm shall be prepared in providing the services in established leagues as well as in fast growing and emerging ones.

In addition, isportlaw has an immigration department which deals with the matters and paperwork related to international transfer of players (VISA application – residency card) and to the change of sport nationality.