Media & Image Rights

IPR agreements such as TV & Media rights of a competition and license of image rights

Athletes image rights, TV & Media rights, trademarks, marketing and merchandising.

The role of intellectual property rights (IPRs) is noteworthy in the sports domain: exponential growth in value and importance has resulted in dedicated regulations in recent years..

Sports organisations adopt a number of strategies revolving around brand equity, sponsorship deals, endorsement, marketing campaigns, actions against ambush marketing, registration and protection of design and trademarks. isportlaw provide IPR services for the protection, exploitation and proper management of the intangible assets of the organisation.

IPR in sports (image rights, tv rights, media rights) are regulated by license agreements and the lawyers of the Firm negotiate and draft provisions on the right to use and exploit the relevant intellectual property rights.

Within the Olympic Movement, the Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter describes the legal obligations for olympians not to use their names or own sponsors for advertising purposes during the Olympic Games. Only few exceptions are granted and isportlaw assists athletes and sports federations to navigate through this articulate regulation.

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