Human Rights

We endorse a world of sport that fully respects and promotes human rights

Sport has the capacity to promote human rights in a sustainable environment that preserves human dignity and fights any form of abuse and discrimination. All actors should commit to protect and respect internationally recognised human rights through their activities, operations and policies.

The practice of sport is part of the Olympic Movement and is recognised by the Olympic Charter (Fundamental principle of Olympism n.4) and isportlaw identifies the governance tools, risk assessment processes, and remedies that sports organizations should adopt to fulfill their duty of care, develop best practices, mitigate the risk of violations of human rights.

Sport has inherent power to bring people together and to create positive change and isportlaw aims to be part of it advising clients in sensitive matters such as:

  • statutory recognition of human rights
  • sustainability measures
  • complaints procedures
  • safeguarding
  • whistleblowing
  • code of conduct
  • human rights policies
  • non discrimination policies
  • gender balance policies
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