Improve integrity in sports competitions and within sport organizations

Match-Fixing, gambling, criminal and civil liability.

Sports organizations set up structures, policies, processes and educational programmes to improve;

  1. the integrity at competition
  2. organizational integrity

Competition integrity aims to prevent manipulation of the process. Taking part in Interpol’s training programme, the lawyers of isportlaw advise sports regulators on match-fixing matters and in the drafting of integrity codes, codes of conduct.

Integrity within a sport organization can be achieved by adopting and enforcing internal regulations
designed to maximize transparency, good governance, and mitigate the risk of corruption. isportlaw has expertise in drafting codes of ethics, conflict of interest policies and financial regulations.

The integrity of a sport organization also requires the prevention of harassment and abuse. isportlaw designs internal regulations for governing bodies that may include a code of conduct for participants and details on the role and responsibilities of integrity and safeguard officers.

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