Supports clean sport and fight against doping, but also fair proceedings

In the world of sport, anti-doping regulations are naturally complex and challenging to enforce.

The World Anti-Doping Code (WADA Code) and the International Standard for Testing and Investigation (ISTI) of the International Testing Agency (ITA) are the foundation of any national or international anti-doping policy. isportlaw have developed a great deal of expertise, and are well versed in understanding the provisions of the WADA Code, the ISTI, and the anti-doping codes of the federations.

The athletes shall be properly educated and trained in the use of the app ADAMS (anti-doping administration and management system) and in the regular upload of their whereabouts: missing tests or filing failures may result in a sanction of ineligibility.

In addition, the Firm offers legal advice and assistance regarding doping control procedures, sample collection analysis (SCAs), anti-doping rule violation (ADRVs) and adverse analytical finding (AAF); evading, refusing or failing to submit the sample collection and tampering with the doping test may all lead to doping proceedings, which are normally adjudicated by anti-doping panels.

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