Human Rights

Isportlaw acknowledges the importance of human rights in sports, in protection of the athletes as well as of the workers involved in the organisation of sport events.

Sport can play an important role in civil society, especially in the dissemination and protection of human rights. It can bring people together and strengthen the shared values of diversity, equity and respect between different cultures.

Isportlaw is determined to actively engage in the process of safeguarding human rights in sports. The Firm believes that, in order to make a proactive contribution, all interested stakeholders, both public and private, shall be involved and adopt policies that include, among the others, due diligence on human rights in the organization of mega sporting events.

Human rights in sports encompasses:

Rule 40 Olympic Charter
Rule 50 Olympic Charter
Non discrimination
Fostering of gender and race
Protection of young athletes
Refugee athletes
Protection of workers
Human rights policies in sports events